Welcome to Hotel Schlüssel Lucerne!

I am absolutely certain that you will leave our house relaxed and happy. Would you like to know how I can promise you this? Just read my personal lines to you to the end.

If you want a real change from large, anonymous,and impersonal accommodations, you  have come to the right place! Hotel Schlüssel is the smallest hotel in the city of Lucerne and for me it's a matter close to my heart to make all our guests feel welcome and comfortable – whether they are here for a quick lunch during  in the day or for several days of vacation. My team and I are there to make sure that you are enjoying yourself.

We make sure that you can sleep and and eat well. Nothing special? But it is! Ask yourself, when was  the last time you had a really good night's sleep. When was the last time you ate really well and without a guilty conscience? With us you can!

Since we took over the house in 2012, sustainability has also been a very important topic for us. Since 2019 we have been cooking exclusively with seasonal and regional products from farms in the Alpine region. With produce from people who live the same philosophy as we do, namely to treat nature with respect. Whether animal or vegetable – we make sure that you can enjoy your meal without a guilty conscience. In our gourmet restaurant «Borromäus» you can expect delicious homemade dishes in a cozy and elegant ambience in historic surroundings.

Homemade cocktails and a wonderful wine list bear the signatures of my wonderful staff, who are very motivated and happy to serve our guests and always want to surprise them with new products. The young kitchen team makes sure that classics are reinterpreted and local seasonal ingredients and old varieties are not forgotten. Cool, isn't it?

Our second restaurant and café is a cozy meeting place during the day for newspaper readers and guests who like to start the day with a really good cup of coffee or enjoy an uncomplicated, good and inexpensive lunch. The scent of our warm butter croissants will make you immediately forget every New Year's resolution!

It is a privilege to be able to lead this house into the next new era. When are you coming to visit us?


Marija Bucher

Gastgeberin Marija Bucher im Hotel Schlüssel Luzern